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Turist information from the City of Malmö July

9 Jul, 2024

The South Ocean Festival takes place at Sibbarp on the weekend of July 12-13. Performers include The Cardigans and others. You can find the entire program and more information about the festival here: https://southoceanfestival.com/
As with all major events, it is forbidden to bring bags into the area. In connection with the festival, buses run directly from Malmö C to Sibbarp, bus no. 47, see Skånetrafiken for the exact timetable.

In Folkets Park there is a big Dance Party on Saturday, the dance competitions The Show Off and Red Bull Dance Your Style are coming to the park! A full day of battle, show and fantastic atmosphere! The event takes place on Saturday 13 July between 15-20.30 Read more about the event here: https://malmo.se/Folkets-Park/Evenemang-i-Folkets-Park.html?id=5.15fabcab18f7b4a08401d2f

For children, there are several fun events during the summer:
Summer vacation in Beijers Park, SVT records its popular children’s program https://www.svt.se/kontakt/sommarlov-och-sommarskuggan
Sommarscen’s children’s program: https://malmo.se/Malmo-Sommarscen/Program.html?num=6&targetGroups=Barn+och+familj
Superdupersommar in Folkets Park https://malmo.se/Folkets-Park/Evenemang-och-aktiviteter/Superdupersommar.html
Summer at the Castle, Malmö Museum https://malmo.se/Uppleva-och-gora/Konst-och-museer/Malmo-museum/For-barn-och-familj-pa-museet/Sommar-pa-slottet.html
Fun in Malmö, summer holiday program https://kulimalmo.se/sommarlov/

You may have seen that Skeppsbrokajen has become colorful and inviting, where a lot of activities will take place during the summer, including art workshops with CFUK, the Center for Urban Art and Streetbasket with Malbas. Read more about Skeppsbrokajen here: https://malmo.se/Aktuellt/Artiklar-Malmo-stad/2024-07-05-Vad-hander-pa-Skeppsbrokajen-i-sommar.html

Last but not least, don’t miss Sommarscen’s fine program with over 50 different program points and all with free admission https://malmo.se/sommarscen

For those of you who are already looking forward to the Malmö Festival, which takes place 9-16 August, the program is starting to take shape. One of this year’s news is that the festival cinema / outdoor cinema is returning and, among other things, the first episode from the new season of the TV series “Thin blue line” will premiere. More information about the Malmö festival https://www.malmofestivalen.se/