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Tallyweb information

Information about Tallyweb for holder of a permanent berth in Dockan Marina

In Dockan Marina, we use Tallyweb for control of electrical outlets and access to showers, toilets and laundry. Currently, electricity on the piers and use of the laundry room are subject to a fee. The electricity tariff and price for the use of the laundry room are determined on an ongoing basis by the port office.

In short, Tallyweb can be described as a system that allows self-service and direct debiting of electricity consumption. A selected electrical outlet on the bridge can be opened and closed with a personal code either directly on the bridge or via computer / smartphone logged in to its Tallyweb account. For those who wish, an rfid card can also be used. The personal code / rfid card is also used for access to showers and toilets.

To gain access to their personal code and to activate their electrical outlet, the following steps must have been taken.

  • An account must have been created at www.tallyweb.dk/dockan-marina. See description below. Note, that’s a lot important that you notify info@dockan.se as soon as you have created your account and notified your berth number and boat type. When you have done this, we will activate your order and you will receive Your personal code via text message and e-mail
  • A replenishment of your balance must have been made as your electricity consumption is deducted directly from this balance. If the balance is SEK 0, there is no possibility to get electricity from the socket. See instructions below
Description to create customer account
  1. Enter via e.g. the Google Chrome browser on this website: tallyweb.dk/dockan-marina
  2. Click LOGIN in the upper right corner
  4. Fill in the information and click on CREATE
  5. Let Dockan Marina know that you have created a customer account and which email address you have specified
  6. Dockan Marina creates an Order in Tallyweb and you will receive a receipt via the correctly entered mobile number and e-mail. You will get your unique code for access to electrical outlets and showers and toilets
Description to top up your customer balance
  1. Enter via e.g. the Google Chrome browser on this website: tallyweb.dk/dockan-marina
  2. Click LOGIN in the upper right corner
  3. Fill in the Email and Password, then click the LOGIN button
  4. Manual filling
    a. Click the Fill button in the balance field
    b. Select the value you want to top up your balance with, accept the terms of purchase and click on PAY and follow instructions
  5. Automatic filling when the balance reaches a minimum level of SEK 30
    a. Click on MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner
    b. Accept the subscription terms and click on the ADD button in the SET PAYMENT CARD field
    c. Fill in the credit card details you want to apply
    d. In the field INDICATE PAYMENT CARD, a menu will now appear where you select which value it automatically to be refilled, click on the SAVE button
    Tips for easy manual filling: When choosing SEK 0 as the value for automatic filling, this means that you do not have to enter your credit card information every time you make a manual filling. Please note, however, that if you have entered SEK 0, no automatic filling will take place
  6. You will now receive an email confirming the value that has now been transferred to your balance
You can activate your electrical outlet in the following two ways
  • You select your electrical socket and activate the socket directly via your unique code in the keypad that is mounted in each post. Instructions on how to activate an optional socket can be found on the inside of the door to the Tallykey post
  • You choose your electrical outlet and activate the outlet directly via your customer page at www.tallyweb.dk/dockan-marina. Note, You must be logged in to your account to do this. See description below

To activate your electrical outlet via your customer page, you must know the number of the pole and the number of the electrical outlet where you have your electrical cord.

Description of choosing an electrical outlet via your customer page
  1. Log in to your customer page at www.tallyweb.dk/dockan-marina
  2. Those of you who have a positive balance press the “Select electrical outlet” button
  3. When the instruction “Select electrical outlet” appears on the screen, you enter the number of the Tallykey pole using the visible keypad that appears on the screen. The number is on the door to the post
  4. Select free power outlet in the window that appears on the screen. You should of course ensure that you choose the socket where you have your power cord
  5. Once you have selected the electrical outlet, this will be displayed on your customer page and you can follow your consumption, etc. You can also switch off and on your electrical outlet manually
Description of fast charger for electrical boat

The fast charger has an output of 22 kw. To get full effect, a cable with type 2 connectors must be used. The cable must also be able to handle 64A three-phase. Cable can, for example, be purchased from Netonnet. The quick charger is located on the service bridge on the east side of the harbor basin. As a permanent berth holder with a registered Tallyweb account, you activate the quick charger in the same way as you activate an electrical outlet. However, you do not need to enter a bar number but only an outlet number. The fast charger can only by activated when you are logged in to your costumer page. The charger cannot be activated directly on the charger.

Note that the price of kwh is slightly higher when using a quick charger compared to an electrical outlet.

If you need help, send an email to info@dockan.se or dial +46 703 40 19 18.