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Swimming in Dockan Marina

27 Jun, 2023

As probably the vast majority of people have noticed, we have had major problems with swimming in the harbor entrance to Dockan Marina. The quay on the western side, opposite the breakwater, was completed a few years ago by Malmö City and since then the problem has worsened significantly as many young people, but also adults, have discovered that it is very exciting to swim between the rescue ladders on each side of the harbor entrance. It is crowded in the harbor entrance and there is also very poor visibility, especially if you come from the north and are going into Dockan Marina. There have been a number of incidents between boats and bathers, but so far it has not led to any personal injuries or damage to boats. However, we have received very negative reactions from guest sailors and also boat owners in Dockan that there is bathing in the middle of the harbor entrance to Dockan Marina and that this is very negative for the harbour. We have therefore carried out an analysis together with Malmö City where we have concluded that the following measures strengthen security in the harbor entrance:

  • Two new rescue ladders have been laid out on the stone shoeing north of Brf Dockporten.
  • The rescue ladder east of the so-called Western Horn has been removed.
  • Lifebuoys have been placed at the site north of Brf Dockporten.
  • The rescue ladder at the old barbecue area on the breakwater has been moved just under 50 meters to the east.
  • A rescue station with a rescue hook, rescue ladder and lifebuoy has been placed on the breakwater just inside Kranplatsen.
  • A lifebuoy has been placed near the old barbecue area.

We are convinced that the above measures will reduce bathing in the harbor entrance and thus also strengthen safety. However, we cannot guarantee that bathing will stop completely, which is why we still ask all boat owners to take it carefully and keep a close eye when passing the harbor entrance. Above all, keep in mind that there is a speed limit of 3 knots in the harbor entrance. It may also be good to know that there is a ban on swimming in Dockan Marina and also in Malmö Harbour. If you break the bathing ban, you do so at your own risk and if you do it in water that belongs to Malmö City, for example in the water around the breakwater, it is a violation of Malmö Harbour’s local order regulations, which in case of violation can result in a daily fine.