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Summer Vacation in Malmö

11 Jun, 2024

Now summer is really here, because today SvT. started recording the children’s program Summer Holiday in Beijers park. Keep in mind that the audience needs to be there in good time, especially on the recording days that come after midsummer when the number of visits to the park usually increases. Every Tuesday there are artist visits. See the list below.

• Arwin – recording Tuesday 11 June (broadcast Friday 14 June)
• Lia Larsson – recording Tuesday 18 June (broadcast Friday 21 June)
• Cazzi Opeia – recording Tuesday 25 June (broadcast Friday 28 June)
• Elektra – recording Tuesday 2 July (broadcast Friday 5 July)
• Smash Into Pieces – recording Tuesday 9 July (broadcast Friday 12 July)
• Liamoo – recording Tuesday 16 July (broadcast Friday 19 July)
• Maria Sur – recording Tuesday 23 July (broadcast Friday 26 July)
• Saga Ludvigsson – recording Tuesday 30 July (broadcast Friday 2 August)
• Anis Don Demina – recording Tuesday 6 August (broadcast Friday 9 August)

For more practical information before visiting the park, visit www.malmo.se/sommarlov

On Monday, June 17, Summer Holiday Fun begins at Mobilia.
A super fun summer holiday program packed with fun, developing and playful activities for children and families with children in and around Malmö.
Come and let loose with Fritidsbanken, film quiz with Nordisk Film Bio or why not give Moomin from Funny’s Adventure a big hug.
Every weekday from 11 am to 3 pm from 17 June to 19 July in the outdoor square.

Adjacent to Mobilia is Funnys Áventyr – the children’s own cultural center in a world of fairy tales. Peek into Alfons Åberg’s kitchen, jump in the hay at Pettson & Findus’ home, go back to the Viking age with Halvdan and Meia, solve a mystery with the Cat Spies in a miniature of Rosengård, visit Moomin Valley, get to know the ordinary but unusual girl Funny and her friend Humlan Djojj.

Pettson & Findus can be seen in their own performance, “Findus moves out”.
The theater performance is included in the entrance ticket to Funny’s Adventure.
For more information and tickets: https://funnysaventyr.se/findus-flyttar-ut/

We also take the opportunity to tell you about Superdupersommar in Folkets Park – a packed program with 21 performances with everything from comic clowning to catchy sing-alongs and exciting theatre. All performances have free entry and they are played at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the period 25 June to 8 August. Most of the performances are played outdoors.