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Shock absorber

The following applies to mooring in Dockan Marina:

  • It is mandatory to have shock absorbers on all ropes against the fixed bridge
  • Dockan Marina recommends shock absorbers of the Forsheda type
  • The mooring line must run at least three turns around Forsheda rubber dampers
  • Permanent mooring with shock absorbers should suitably be attached to the bridge with a shackle and caus or knot
  • It is not permitted to moor with a shock absorber by pulling the running rope through the mooring ring on the pier and pulling it back to the boat without both ropes being equipped with a shock absorber
  • If you use double moorings against the bridge, both moorings must have shock absorbers
  • Ropes with so-called built-in shock absorbers are not permitted as permanent moorings
  • The shock absorber must be well adapted to both the boat and the mooring pad

Keep in mind that during storms and high tides, it may be appropriate to lay extra moorings that are long and that are attached further away than the usual mooring point, so-called running. If the spring is attached to the bridge, it must have shock absorbers. At extremely high and low tide, it is also important to adjust the moorings so that they do not become too short.