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Regulations of the Marina for permanent berth

(translation of the document “Regler för fasta hyresgäster“)


The agreed berth can be used during the period stated in the contract.

Docking fee

Docking fee is charged according to the fixed tariff decided annually by the harbour administration.

If the fee is not paid in time Dockan Exploatering AB is entitled to dispose the boat and all equipment belonging to the boat owner at the risk and expense of the boat owner.

The boat owner is obliged to

  • Be cautious and keep the speed limit of 3 knots when trafficking the port area. Swelling should be avoided. Vexatious driving in or adjacent to the harbour is forbidden. This also applies for dinghies with motor
  • affix the year mark for the current season on the boat in a clearly visible place from on the pier. If this has not happened by 1 June of the current year, the guest harbor fee will be charged according to the established rate
  • Keep order and cleanliness within the port area. All waste and garbage should be disposed on intended place
  • Ensure when mooring that the boat is equipped with appropriate number of fenders (minimum 4 fenders) and other appropriate equipment to prevent damage on adjacent boats, piers or other installments
  • Make sure all moorings connected with the pier is equipped with pressure absorber
  • Make sure all moorings used is according to the regulations of the boat and the boat owner insurance company
  • Make sure all ropes between mooring poles and the pier is kept above the water surface. All such ropes should be removed by the boat owner by the time the berth contract terminates. All such ropes which are not completely above the water surface will be removed by the harbour administration after the 30th of October each year
  • Be careful, and take care of in a normal manner, facilities and devices used by the boat owner
  • Make sure the running rigg is secured in a way that prevents affecting noise
  • Make sure the boat is moved from the harbour by the time of the contract expiry as long as nothing else is agreed with the harbour administration
  • Make sure the harbour administration is notified when the boat leaves the harbour during more than 24 hours. In that case the boat owner is also obliged to give access to the berth as guest berth and turn the berth sign from red to green
  • Move the boat to another berth within the harbour if the harbour administration so requires
  • Comply with Swedish law and regulations issues by Swedish authorities
  • Comply with in any moment valid regulation for visiting boats which are published within the port area and on www.dockanmarina.se
  • take good care of their boat and keep it in seaworthy condition


It is forbidden for the boat owner to

  • Drive or moor a Jet-ski within the port area
  • Live permanent on the boat within the port area
  • Without permission to transfer, lease out or lend the berth
  • Store any other material than what the storages are intended for
  • Vexatious drive the boat in or in close adjacent to the harbour. This also applies for dinghies with motor
  • Drain toilet waste directly in the harbour. All toilet waste should be disposed in the intended facility
  • Keep flammable liquids within the port area
  • Swim, fish or grill within the port area
  • Expose commercial advertisements
  • Prevent or make difficult for other vehicles (boats) to traffic the harbour
  • Without the prior approval from Dockan Exploatering AB construct any building within the port area
  • Without the prior approval from Dockan Exploatering AB apply stairs, ladders etc on piers
  • Keep dinghies or another smaller boat underneath or on the top of the piers


The boat is kept in the harbour solely on the risk and responsibility of the boat owner. It is the obligation of the boat owner to keep the boat properly insured.

Dockan Exploatering AB are not obliged to compensate for damage which can affect the boat owners boat or belongings because of fire, theft, collision or another cause.


The berth is leased in existing condition.

The berth can only be used for a boat owned directly by the contractual party. Any change in ownership or change of boat to a new boat should be notified to the harbour administration immediately. Mooring is only allowed on the berth that is specifically allocated for the boat stated in the contract as long as no other berth has been allocated to the boat.

The berth can only be used for privat and personal purposes. The berth can only be used for commercial purposes after agreement with the Harbor administration.

If the harbour administration call for ID identification by the boat owner, he is obliged to show this immediately.

The boat owner is responsible for its guests and that the guests is following these regulations. Dockan Exploatering AB reserves the right to change these Rules of Berth unilaterally. The Rules of Berth will be exposed on the web-site of the marina (www.dockanmarina.se) and in the harbour.

Termination of contract for berth

If the boat owner break these regulations Dockan Exploatering AB have the right to terminate the Berth Contract with immediately effect. Dockan Exploatering AB is also entitled to take the appropriate action that is necessary because of the boat owners fail to comply with these regulations.

Dockan Exploatering AB is free of liabilities herein by actions taken.

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