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Regulations of the Marina for visiting boats

Guest berths are intended for temporary mooring of boats. Rent of a guest berth is made under the following conditions.

  1. Mooring is only allowed on a berth marked with green
  2. Mooring at the harbour is at your own responsibility and at your own risk. The harbour is not liable for damage or loss caused by a visiting boat or its crew
  3. Harbour fees are payable according to a fixed tariff in advance against receipt, to be placed in a visible place on the boat. Usually the receipt is fixed to the life lines clearly visible from the pier. Harbour fees should be paid, regardless of the length of the visit, between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.
  4. Visiting boat and crew shall show respect to the environment in Dockan Marina including harbour facilities, other boats and guests and people living and working in the area
  5. The speed limit within the harbour area is 3 knots. Swelling should be avoided. Vexatious driving in or adjacent to the harbour is forbidden. This also applies for dinghies with motor
  6. All swimming and fishing is forbidden within the harbour area
  7. Toilet waste cannot be drained directly in the harbour. All toilet waste should be emptied in the special facility installed in Dockan Marina
  8. Grill may not be used in the harbour area
  9. Biking, skateboarding, rollerblading and similar activities are not allowed on the docks
  10. Dogs must be kept in a leash. If dogs pollute it is the responsibility of the owner to immediately clean up after the dog
  11. Common premises, toilets, showers etc. shall be left in tended condition
  12. Garbage must be placed in the appropriate container. Hazardous waste must be sorted and thrown in for this purpose containers at the recycling station
  13. The volume of radio, television and other audio device shall be so subdued that the environment is not disturbed
  14. Silence must be observed between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. Running rigging shall be secured to reduce noise. Advertising flags and signs are not permitted
  15. Other instructions according to the signs within the port area shall be respected
  16. If these rules are not followed and the boat owner fails to remedy immediately after the reprimand from the port guard, he may reject the boat despite the harbour fee is paid
  17. At irregular mooring visiting boat can be moved by the harbour captain
  18. If you visit Dockan Marina more than one day and you leave the boat for more than 12 hours you are obliged to make sure the harbour administration has your contact details and knowledge about your return to your boat

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