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Malmö tips!

16 May, 2023

Now that the sun is peeking out and the summer feeling is creeping in, we want to suggest two activities you can do in Malmö. A “new” activity in Malmö Moveat, you probably recognize the concept, where you buy a ticket and then you go around and get samples at 6-8 different restaurants. It has been in Malmö before on special days, but since just over a month ago Moveat anytime has been in Malmö. In other words, you can do it anytime, such as Wednesday-Saturday, note that it must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance. In Malmö you can taste luxurious pastries, sliders, local artisanal ice cream and classic husman. A fun activity for visitors and Malmö residents. Lotta, who is one of the founders, is from Malmö. https://moveat.co/biljetter/#3AUPaqIs81Sg527qKR5AH6

The classic sightseeing boat Rundan runs its sightseeing tour on the canal. The tour is a fun way to discover Malmö from the canal. The tour offers a 50-minute guided tour in Swedish and English. The tour runs daily until September 30. For the timetable see https://www.stromma.com/sv-se/malmo/batsightseeing/rundan/

We also take the opportunity to tell you about an event that takes place in Folkets park next weekend, Saturday 27/5, Malmö Rock Festival. For more information and artists see https://malmorock.com/artister-2023/

We also want to remind you of two other events The People’s Food and Drink Festival 19-20 May The event takes place at Parktorget in Folkets park. During this year’s edition of the People’s Food & Drink Festival, various beverage producers gather with a group of food trucks that together offer a well-composed range of food and drinks of the highest class! The event has free entry and an age limit of 18 years, people under 18 are also welcome, but then accompanied by a guardian. https://malmofolketspark.se/nyheter/2023/02/27/mat-och-dryckesfestival-intar-folkets-park-i-maj/

May 25-28 is the time for Southern Sweden Design Days – an annual festival that makes visible and builds knowledge about design – with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, development and innovation. For four days, Malmö is filled with design through exhibitions, seminars, workshops and networking events. Organized by Form/Design Center. https://southernswedendesigndays.com/sv