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Fast charger in Dockan Marina

27 Jun, 2022

Dockan Marina installs fast chargers for electric boats

To meet the growing interest in electric boats and thus infrastructure for charging in ports, Dockan Marina in Malmö has installed a fast charger in the guest port. Now Dockan Marina hopes that more people will open their eyes to the benefits of electric boats.

Access to charging structure critical

Business Region Gothenburg recently stated in a report that the transition to electric boats has great potential, but that there are restrictions in the infrastructure for charging, not least during day trips. With fast chargers in excursion and guest ports, the range can be significantly increased and development accelerated. This is also an issue run by RGS, Riksföreningen Gästhamnar Sverige.

Fast charger in Dockan Marina, Malmö

Dockan Marina in Malmö wants to be part of driving development further and in April 2022, the new fast charger came into place.

“Sustainability thinking is important to us at Dockan Marina and we see how the electric boats come strong and then we have to help. As a city port, we are an attractive destination for boaters and then we want to be able to quickly charge the boat here. You should of course be able to drive your electric boat from Copenhagen to Malmö, go up on the town for a round and then get back to your fully charged boat before you go home to Copenhagen again “, says harbor master Anders Lindskog.

Charging in 2-3 hours

The fast charger with app-based payment service is located at a service pier on the east side of the marina and it can charge two boats at the same time. The quick charger works as a service for both boat owners with a permanent place in Dockan Marina and visiting guests with electric boats.

The vast majority of electric boats for leisure use can be fully charged in under two hours. The fast charger can charge electric boats with Type-2 sockets and with a maximum of 22 KW.

Anders Lindskog believes in the future of electric boats and looks forward to less noise and exhaust fumes in the port environment. He hopes that many boat owners from Sweden and Denmark will discover the new fast charger this summer.

For more information, contact harbor master Anders Lindskog on telephone 0703 40 19 18 or info@dockan.se.