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Dockan Marina – Malmö City Harbour

Dockan Marina is located in Malmo City in the expansive residential and office area Dockan. Dockan is in turn part of the wildly popular Western Harbour area known for its beautiful walks along the sea, its street life and its exciting and innovative architecture where Turning Torso is central. Dockan Marina is located on the border between the old and the new town and with Malmö Central Station around the corner from where you can reach Kastrup / Copenhagen City in less time than you reach any other city in Sweden.

  • Around the harbour and in about five minutes walking distance you will find at least 15 restaurants, cafes and salad bars serving everything from pizza and salads to tapas and business meals in an exclusive environment. Some of the restaurants are located directly on the waterfront and just a few feet from the boating activities in Dockan Marina
  • If you want to go to the hairdresser during your visit to Dockan Marina, you will find a couple of hairdressers right next to the harbour
  • At maximum 10 minute walk, we can offer you the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and the Nordic countries Turning Torso, one of Europe’s largest outdoor skate parks Stapelbäddsparken, the deep sea swimming facility Scania bath, several pharmacies, grocery stores, supermarkets and liquor shop and Malmö Central Station
  • At about 15 minutes walking distance you will reach the old part of Malmö, three large newly built hotels, Malmö’s new cultural and conference center Malmo Live and a number of other attractive destinations
  • With the city bus from Dockan to Malmö Central Station, where you change to Öresundståg, you can be at Copenhagen Airport or the Central Station of Copenhagen in only about 40 minutes from the time you arrived with your boat to the Dockan Marina

The Dockan Marina keeps the port open all year around and is actively working with the concept of “the boat in the sea all year around”. The port has excellent conditions for holding ice-free during the winter season.

The port is staffed during most weekday’s year around and during high season even on Saturdays and Sundays. Water and electricity are available on the piers summer and winter if the weather allows.

The Dockan Marina has about 140 berth but will, when fully developed, have around 220 berths. The marina can offer places for the smallest boats at moorings and for boats up to 60 feet either longitudinal mooring at the dock or floating dock or mooring piles.

Dockan Marina rents berths in the outer harbour for visiting larger vessels such as sailing vessels, smaller cruise ships, super yachts, government vessels from different countries etc. The pier in the outer harbour is directly connected to the Dockan Marina and together with the Dockan Marina it forms Malmö City Harbour.


It is safe to have the boat in the Dockan Marina. Port personnel have daily supervision over the harbour and the boats and there is a folklore in the port used to boats and the sea. The port is one of the most weather protected in the region.

If you travel a lot for work, living abroad or for other reasons have an extra need of supervision of your boat, it is very safe to have the boat in the Dockan Marina.


It is convenient to have the boat in the Dockan Marina. If you decide to have the boat in the sea all year around you came to the right marina and we will help you to plan for this with advice and tips. The Dockan Marina has very good conditions to have the boat in the sea over the winter. We promise you that this way of having a boat is both cheaper and more convenient than the traditional boat ownership. Do you want to celebrate the New Year with your boat in Copenhagen City it is only to cast off.

If you have your boat in the Dockan Marina, you can take the train and / or the bus to your boat. The marina is located a few steps from the most important hub in Sweden, the Malmö Central Station which enables you never to have to think about how you are going to take you to your boat. The car you leave at home whether you live in Copenhagen, Malmö or elsewhere in Skåne.

Going on a long sailing you bunker your food and drinks in one of the area’s business. Are you in the boat one evening or weekend, you can take a break at one of the cafes or a lunch or a dinner at one of the many restaurants.

Do you have your family with you during the weekend when you are working with the boat, the rest of the family can go to the Scania bath for a swim, shop in the city or just take a walk in the West Harbour in the meantime, if they do not want to help of course!

If you already live in the Dockan or the Western Harbour, you can have a very comfortable boating life in the Dockan Marina. If you come home from work one evening and feel for a boat trip you can be out on the sea just after a little while. If you have guests they can use your boat as a guest cottage and you expand your home with a few more square meters. Why not just go down to the boat a nice evening and enjoy the boating life in the cockpit or why not just sit on the balcony and enjoy your fine boat just below! If you live and have your boat in Dockan your boat ownership will be something that you can enjoy every day.

Only your imagination sets the limit on what options you get with your boat in Dockan Marina. It is important that you enjoy and have fun with your yachting!


Information regarding rental of permanent berths


Practical information for visiting boats


Regulations of the Marina for permanent berth


Regulations of the Marina for visiting boats


Map of Dockan Marina area