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Dinosaurs in Malmö

14 Jun, 2023

Now there is a chance to meet Dinosaurs in Malmö! Visit Dinosauria, the exhibition about Dinosaurs that opens at Malmömässan on Friday 16 June. Here you can meet several different dinosaurs and a flying lizard with realistic appearances and natural movements. The exhibition lasts until August 20. For more information and ticket booking see Malmömässan’s website: www.malmomassan.se or https://booking.megalodoncreations.com/booking/2/2/offers/2 At Wisdome Malmö, the film Making Magic is shown, where meeting a dinosaur becomes a breathtaking experience. Read more about Making Magic and what is shown and can be experienced at Malmö Wisdome and book tickets here: https://malmo.se/Uppleva-och-gora/Konst-och-museer/Malmo-museum/Wisdome-Malmo/Making-Magic-3D.html