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Reconstruction and improvement of the breakwater

15 Feb, 2024

Dockan Marina will begin the rebuilding of the northernmost breakwater in the marina shortly. In connection with the reconstruction, the breakwater will be raised from the current approx. +1.35 to approx. +2.86 in level with the surrounding quays. The old wooden pier on the breakwater will be demolished and replaced with new floating concrete piers of approximately the same length as the current pier. Furthermore, some dredging work will take place in the harbor entrance a little later this year.

The reconstruction works will cause inconvenience during the day in terms of high noise levels and restrictions in terms of boat traffic in and out of the marina. More information about this will come later in the late winter/spring.

The jetty on the breakwater will be closed during week 8 or 9 and according to the schedule, everything should be ready on May 17, 2024. We will regularly update you with information about the project here on Dockan’s website.

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